Terms and conditions

Before proceeding with your purchase, or visiting MoPA, please read these Terms and Conditions carefully. Please do not make a purchase or attend a Museum unless you agree, in full, to all of the Terms and Conditions below.

All references to “MoPA” in these Terms and Conditions are to “Museum of Play and Art”, which is the promoted trading name for both Production Ventures Pty Ltd, ABN 89 633 353 367 (trading as “Museum of Play and Art” at 51 McKillop Street, Geelong 3220, Victoria, Australia), and for Museum of Play and Art Melbourne Pty Ltd, ABN 29 650 800 892, (trading as “Museum of Play and Art” at 247 Bay Road, Sandringham 3192, Victoria, Australia).


By purchasing a ticket or product from MoPA (at the venue, online or on the phone) or any authorised sales channel, you acknowledge and agree to comply with these Terms and Conditions. 


1.1. All bookings, tickets, purchases and products, including parties and events, are non-refundable or able to be exchanged, except as required by law.

1.2. All tickets, purchases, products and bookings, including parties and events, are secured only upon full payment being received. 

1.3. In any case where a Party or School Excursion is cancelled, all payments that have been made against that booking will be credited towards any future booking/s of your choice however refunds are not provided.

1.4. All purchases are subject to availability and sales may be limited to a specified quantity, in any given time frame, on any given day.

1.5. Tickets are only valid if purchased via the MoPA website (www.museumofplayandart.com.au), at the Museum (51 McKillop St, Geelong or 247 Bay Rd, Sandringham), or by calling 1800 00 MoPA (1800 00 66 72). 

1.6. MoPA has the right to add, withdraw or substitute exhibits, vary advertised programs, vary ticket prices, session times, venue features, seating arrangements or venue capacity without notice. Tickets will not be exchanged or refunded as a result of these changes, except as required by law. 

1.7. If a session or event is cancelled, rescheduled or significantly relocated MoPA will attempt to notify ticket holders of the cancellation, rescheduling or relocation and provide fair and equitable alternatives to all impacted parties.

1.8. Where a session or event is cancelled, rescheduled or significantly relocated, you may be entitled to a refund. In such event, to the extent permitted by law, MoPA are not liable to refund to you any amount beyond the face value of the ticket plus any transaction fee and MoPA also will not reimburse you for auxiliary expenses (such as the cost of travel, car-parking, child-care and accommodation) or other consequential loss suffered by you in connection with your attendance or non-attendance at a session or event.  


2.1. You enter MoPA at your own risk. 

2.2. You understand that attendance may carry with it certain dangers, including the risk of injury, injury to those in your care, damage to you, damage to those in your care and damage to your property and the property of those in your care. 

2.3. By attending MoPA you accept the risk of damage and loss (including property damage, personal injury, economic and consequential loss) howsoever arising (including by negligence). This includes damage or loss caused by the acts or omissions of other ticketholders, visitors, guests, and the employees and agents of MoPA.


3.1. Prices quoted are in Australian dollars and include GST. Your ticket is a tax invoice. 

3.2. Prices are subject to change without notice. 

3.3. A transaction fee may apply to your ticket purchase. 

3.4. You warrant that you have the authority to make payment for your ticket and that you own/hold or have express permission of the owner/holder of the credit card or other payment facility used to purchase the ticket. 

3.5. On any occasion where a payment is due for a booking, service or product rendered by MoPA, and partial payment has already been made against that booking, service or product, MoPA’s booking system will automatically attempt to debit and settle the outstanding amounts due utilising the same payment method provided for the initial partial payment.


4.1. MoPA reserves the right to cancel Tickets without refund that are found to be purchased using your membership details, by someone other than you.

4.2. If you choose to purchase a membership, you must maintain the confidentiality and security of your membership details (including your membership number) and not provide it to any other person. 

4.3. You are responsible for your use of the MoPA website and all transactions conducted using your Membership details. If you become aware of any unauthorised use of your details or account, please notify MoPA immediately and a new membership number will be issued. 


5.1. By attending MoPA, and entering the premise, you agree to MoPA’s conditions of entry.

5.2. Attendance and the right of admission is reserved by MoPA.

5.3. Whilst at MoPA, in all areas, during all activities, all persons under 18 must be accompanied by, and under the strict supervision of, an adult assigned to their care.

5.4. In the interest of safety for all guests, adults may not attend MoPA without children in their care, or without being in the company of other adults (family or friends, for example) with children in their care. MoPA reserves the right to refuse entry on this basis.

5.5. In the interest of safety, and delivering the magical experience that MoPA is famous for every single time you visit, we require that for every three children attending, at least one adult attends also.

5.6. Proof of age and identity may be required by MoPA.

5.7. For the security and safety of our guests, team, and premises, CCTV (closed circuit television) is installed and recording at all times.

5.8. You consent to being photographed, filmed or recorded during your visit and for any such film, image or recording to be used for marketing purposes at MoPAs discretion.

5.9. All images and recordings captured by you, at MoPA, may not be used for any commercial application without a formal written agreement in place. MoPA reserves the right to recover fees relating to photographs found to breach this condition of entry.

5.10. Bags and possessions may be inspected prior to admission. 

5.11. You may be refused entry or required to leave MoPA if you do not comply with the Venue’s conditions of entry. Tickets will not be exchanged or refunded in these circumstances unless required by law. 

5.12. Session times commence promptly at the advertised time. MoPA reserves the right to admit latecomers only when/if there is suitable capacity in the Museum. Management reserves the right to refuse admission; this policy is to prevent over-crowding resulting in a sub-optimal experience and safety conditions for all patrons.

5.13. Where tickets are lost, stolen, misplaced or destroyed, MoPA may charge an administration fee to issue replacement tickets and may require proof of identity, prior to issuing a replacement ticket. 


6.1. Tickets must not be resold or offered for resale at a premium or packaged, resold or otherwise offered for advertising, promotional or other commercial purposes (including competitions) without MoPA’s prior written consent. If a ticket is sold or used in contravention of this condition, the ticket may be seized or cancelled without refund or exchange and the bearer of the ticket may be denied admission. 


7.1. School, holiday program, and any other group bookings are subject to availability and additional conditions may apply. Please note the conditions of entry above.


8.1. Merchandise will not be refunded or exchanged, unless required by law. 


9.1. If you received your ticket as a prize, gift, donation or otherwise for no cost, these Terms and Conditions, and the terms and conditions of the relevant promotion or competition (Competition Terms), apply to your use of the ticket.


10.1. To the extent permitted by law, MoPA are not liable to you, or those in your care, for any loss, damage, injury, delays, additional expenses or inconvenience arising as a result of your attendance or non-attendance at the session or event. Where liability cannot be excluded or modified by law, including pursuant to the Australian Consumer Law, the liability of MoPA is limited to the minimum permitted by law. 


11.1. These Terms and Conditions may be varied at any time. Any variations become effective on the day immediately after their publication on the MoPA website and apply to any purchases made after that date. 

11.2. If any part of these Terms and Conditions is held to be invalid, illegal or unenforceable, it will be disregarded to the extent of its invalidity and the remainder of these Terms and Conditions will remain in full force and effect. 

11.3. These Terms and Conditions are governed by the laws of Victoria, Australia.

11.4. Promotional activity through other and all advertising channels are subject to these terms and conditions.



Hey Northsiders, guess what? MoPA is coming to Thomastown!

Over one million Melburnians have access to Thomastown in under 20-minutes, and so when this BEAUTIFUL building at 391 Settlement Road became available it was an absolute no-brainer that we secure it for Melbourne’s newest Children’s Museum.

We love love LOVE that this building is rich in heritage and artful history. It was originally a pottery studio, built in 1923, and home to potters from all over the world for more than 50-years. And now, this beautiful big building will be re-imagined as Melbourne’s newest Children’s Museum, jam-packed with immersive learning experiences, but also dance, theatre, storytelling, craft, art, and more, all designed to support the Early Years Learning Framework and Victorian Curriculum.

Tag your northside BFFs and start planning your playdates, excursions and parties. We expect to be ready to open in mid Spring of 2024 and will keep you posted with progress updates. xx 🌈🎨🧑‍🎨❤️
OK… So, this is happening (again!)

Details soon… 🌈🎨🔨🪚🧑‍🎨🖼️
“Our Earth” starts tomorrow at MoPA!!

Understanding ‘our place in this world’ is a lifelong journey for most. But SO many of the most important lessons are learned early in our lives, at home. To help facilitate the important conversations to have with children, MoPA’s educators have developed a range of new activities called “Our Earth” and this new series starts tomorrow at MoPA. All the new activities run all day, every day. Visit our fancy new website for more detail.

But ALSO, as a reminder of how easy it can be to make a difference, we’ve put together...


1. Ride your bike or scooter
2. Plant some veggies
3. Buy second hand or swap with friends
4. Cook at home
5. Eat more vegetables and less meat
6. Organise a community clean up
7. Save water
8. Buy less packaged products
9. Recycle
10. Turn off the lights
11. Use a blanket instead of the heater
12. Clean with natural products
13. But the imperfect produce
14. Mend it instead of replacing it
15. Air dry your washed clothes
16. Compost organic waste
17. Refill water bottles
18. Turn off the tap while brushing your teeth
19. Carpool
20. Eat left overs instead of throwing them out
21. Use energy efficient lights
22. Use both sides of the paper
23. Plant a tree
24. Eat seasonal produce
25. Recycle batteries and buy rechargeable
26. Walk more
27. Make a bird feeder
28. Plant flowers for the bees
29. Buy less plastic toys
30. Up-cycle for craft projects
31. Donate old clothes and toys
32. Visit the library instead of buying a book
33. Plant native plants
34. Organise a toy trade with friends
35. Use reusable bags
36. Keep your cat indoors
37. Clean up your favourite park
38. Have a quick shower
39. Use cold water to wash clothes and dishes
40. Water your plants in the morning
41. Use a reusable coffee cup
42. Only run the dishwasher when full
43. Install slow-flow shower heads
44. Use reusable straws
45. Use Beeswax wrap
46. Avoid aerosol cans
47. Use fans instead of aircon
48. Turn off unnecessary electronics
49. Pack lunches in reusable containers
50. Be kind to creatures
What does yellow SMELL like? Ok, but what does it SOUND like? And how does it FEEL?

Asking children abstract questions about simple subject matter is SUCH a fun and fascinating way to unlock creative thinking. The resulting discussions will also probably be the cutest thing you’ll hear all week. 

Those that have explored the giant sensory colour wheel at MoPA Sandringham will remember that this exhibit is a huge abstract exploration of colour. And if you’ve perhaps just walked past it in the past, thinking that it sits smack bang in the centre of the Museum just because it’s beautiful - next time we suggest you pause, engage, discuss your colourful ideas with those around you, and soak up your child’s amazing abstract thought exploration…

x MoPA
As we grow older, and then become mothers and fathers ourselves, we start to realise that communicating the depth of our gratitude for Mums is impossible. But we sure can try 🥰 !!

This week at MoPA, we plan to do our BEST to show all our mothers and others just how much we love and appreciate them. Starting Monday 6th we’re kicking off a full week of festivities starting with the most gorgeous crafter-noons (and crafter-mornings!? 😅) making thousands of the lil’ flower cards pictured here in this post. 

All our Mumma-focused curriculum will run ALL day EVERY day, right up until Mother’s Day, May 12th. 

Love you Mum 💝 

x MoPA
There ain’t nothin’ like a super-cute puppy post to get us all to paws and reflect... 🐾

One of MoPA’s key partners, MacKillop Family Services, do LOTS of AMAZING work to ensure every child has the opportunity to grow up in a safe and loving home. One beautiful example [that’s particularly close to home for the team here at MoPA] of their work is the incredible “Paw Pals” program; supporting the placement of therapy dogs with children who have experienced trauma, to help them reconnect with their learning. 

Some of the MoPA team actually had the pleasure of meeting one of the program’s participants recently and... WOW. This. Program. Changes. Lives.

And today - 30 April, 2024 - MacKillop’s matching partners are TRIPLING all donations to the annual #pawpalsappeal . So, a $10 donation will become $30; $100 becomes $300, and the $333 donation MoPA has made this morning has become $999 - WOOP! 

Head to www.pawpalsappeal.org.au before midnight tonight to TRIPLE your impact ❤️

Fully hosted, cupcaked, ballooned birthday parties are our thang!! 

Oh… And personalised exhibits, private rooms, party bags, children’s food packs, all dietaries catered, gourmet adult platters, family dance parties, coffee tabs, bubbles and beers, and SMASHINGS of fun!!! 

All parties book out roughly 8-weeks in advance. Give us a buzz if you have any questions!! xx MoPA
(Sound on) John Cleese: “Creativity is not a talent… It is a way of operating” ❤️ 

Right now at MoPA we’re curating self-expression and operating a brand new craft activity that, with the help of shape, material, and colour, challenges us to place and create a thumbprint that, although made of the very same foundations as all others, celebrates our unique perspective. Serious fun. But also serious 🧐😍🤪… FUN!