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Over 5,000 Visitors have now joined the MoPA Community as Members. WHY? Because Members enjoy UNLIMITED free play sessions + 10% off at the Gift Shop

A MoPA Membership is designed to make it more viable for you to visit more often. With Memberships priced at less than 5 casual visits, you can be sure that even if you’re only able to visit a handful of times you’ll still find great value.

Got questions? See below FAQs or call the MoPA concierge on 1800 006 672.

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As many as you like! There is no limit on how many times a Member can visit the Museum. Some members attend weekly, others every other month. Either way, a Membership will represent great value!


To ensure that about anyone can get great value from their Membership, the packages are priced at less than 5 casual visits in a peak period. Most Members visit 10-12 times per year, but you needn’t visit more than a handful of times to unlock the economic benefits of being a Member.


No. It is not viable for MoPA to offer any kind of shared Memberships. Instead, the packages are priced very competitively, so that anyone with a membership only needs to visit a handful of times to get great value. Some members find that if a child is attending MoPA often, but their carer may be different on different days, it works better for the child to have a Membership but for the adults to purchase casual tickets each time. Note: The booking systems will automatically identify misuse of memberships and apply an automatic cancellation.


No there isn’t. Families come in all shapes and sizes and so individual Membership packages are offered that allow you to purchase Memberships for only those in your family that will find the value; be that a child, a single parent, a grandparent, a regular carer, and so on.


Yes. In fact many of our Memberships are gifted to lucky recipients! Our website will trigger a ‘welcome email’ when you purchase the membership that you plan to gift, so please remember that if you’d like the gift to be a big surprise you should use your own email address when you buy the membership for someone else, and then we can change it (the email address) over to your recipients email later – It’s really a very easy process managed by our Guest Services Team who are available 7-days a week on 1800 00 66 72.


As we have ‘comfy capacity’ limits set in place for all our sessions, we request that all our Members book their visit online before arrival. This ensures you have a spot saved when you arrive at the door and don’t miss out due to private functions, excursions or sold-out sessions! When you book, simply pop your Membership number/s in at the payment screen and the Free Play ticket price for Members will be reduced to $0.



What does yellow SMELL like? Ok, but what does it SOUND like? And how does it FEEL?

Asking children abstract questions about simple subject matter is SUCH a fun and fascinating way to unlock creative thinking. The resulting discussions will also probably be the cutest thing you’ll hear all week. 

Those that have explored the giant sensory colour wheel at MoPA Sandringham will remember that this exhibit is a huge abstract exploration of colour. And if you’ve perhaps just walked past it in the past, thinking that it sits smack bang in the centre of the Museum just because it’s beautiful - next time we suggest you pause, engage, discuss your colourful ideas with those around you, and soak up your child’s amazing abstract thought exploration…

x MoPA
As we grow older, and then become mothers and fathers ourselves, we start to realise that communicating the depth of our gratitude for Mums is impossible. But we sure can try 🥰 !!

This week at MoPA, we plan to do our BEST to show all our mothers and others just how much we love and appreciate them. Starting Monday 6th we’re kicking off a full week of festivities starting with the most gorgeous crafter-noons (and crafter-mornings!? 😅) making thousands of the lil’ flower cards pictured here in this post. 

All our Mumma-focused curriculum will run ALL day EVERY day, right up until Mother’s Day, May 12th. 

Love you Mum 💝 

x MoPA
There ain’t nothin’ like a super-cute puppy post to get us all to paws and reflect... 🐾

One of MoPA’s key partners, MacKillop Family Services, do LOTS of AMAZING work to ensure every child has the opportunity to grow up in a safe and loving home. One beautiful example [that’s particularly close to home for the team here at MoPA] of their work is the incredible “Paw Pals” program; supporting the placement of therapy dogs with children who have experienced trauma, to help them reconnect with their learning. 

Some of the MoPA team actually had the pleasure of meeting one of the program’s participants recently and... WOW. This. Program. Changes. Lives.

And today - 30 April, 2024 - MacKillop’s matching partners are TRIPLING all donations to the annual #pawpalsappeal . So, a $10 donation will become $30; $100 becomes $300, and the $333 donation MoPA has made this morning has become $999 - WOOP! 

Head to before midnight tonight to TRIPLE your impact ❤️

Fully hosted, cupcaked, ballooned birthday parties are our thang!! 

Oh… And personalised exhibits, private rooms, party bags, children’s food packs, all dietaries catered, gourmet adult platters, family dance parties, coffee tabs, bubbles and beers, and SMASHINGS of fun!!! 

All parties book out roughly 8-weeks in advance. Give us a buzz if you have any questions!! xx MoPA
(Sound on) John Cleese: “Creativity is not a talent… It is a way of operating” ❤️ 

Right now at MoPA we’re curating self-expression and operating a brand new craft activity that, with the help of shape, material, and colour, challenges us to place and create a thumbprint that, although made of the very same foundations as all others, celebrates our unique perspective. Serious fun. But also serious 🧐😍🤪… FUN!
Starting TODAY we’re curating SELF-EXPRESSION at MoPA, with these super cute activities. 

Dancing, storytelling, playing, making, it’s all heaps of FUN, but it’s also super important for development. How? Why? Our team of educators explain…

“When children learn to express themselves, it fosters creativity (of course) but it also builds confidence and emotional intelligence, empowering them to communicate their ideas and feelings, develop an identity and belonging and enhance critical thinking.”

x MoPA
There’s still 40 tickets left for todays play sessions!